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1 The old Ladoga
2 The days of our life are short
3 He walked alone against the crowd
4 Look, what an autumn! After bathhouse
5 We shall leave soon the sub lunar world
6 The heavenly bodies will go out at night
7 All of us are condemned? I don’t trust!
8 By a comet flashing through the skies
9 Snowstorms stream from the Jamal
10 Thanks God – all remains with me
11 Apparently, that winter this time
12 Wherever life would lead along its road
13 In the upsurge of the damned passion
14 Misfortune’s not in asses, not in roads
15 My fortune
16 Trucks and gullies, barns and sheds
17 There’s no place left for pain in the soul
18 Never you promise to give up
19 Christmas
20 My life – expectation of wonder
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