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Apparently, that winter this time
is kind – no frost, soft snow is soaring.
And through the night at building-sites
of Khanti-Mansijsk* lights are burning.

The houses’ fronts rise to the height
above the middle-Russian bustle,
and flies my different-storey city
over the gloomy landscape fast.

Some happy day-again becomes
as great as was my dear land.
Yet for the present, blue-eyed Tajiks
build for us happiness on the sand.

Not knowing Russian, one and all –
they neither citizens, nor vagrants –
in an unhurried awkward way
the lads are laying bricks for us…

The brains’ve been long ago exhausted…
And now it came to lack of hands…
When will the God show us his favor –
and set us free of torments on the lands?

The everlasting laws of Nature –
they can be cancelled in no ways.
Apparently, some other nations
will settle on the Russian space.

The people’s fate is mostly doleful,
We’ll go – and carry our guilt.
And the unknown words and speeches
will coarsely break the churches’ still.

* - City in the North of the Siberia.

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